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5 Most Incredible Border Cities You Must Visit

I can safely bet that a lot of you frequently read blogs and articles that tell you what country you absolutely must visit. Even we here at Travel Insurance Services do it – can’t deny it. And that’s great. Visiting a country, getting to absorb its culture, language, and people is a valuable experience that everyone should have the chance to experience. But I mean, what if you weren’t exactly visiting a country. What if either foot was literally in two countries? What if you turned one way, and you saw one distinctive world, while you turned around the other way and saw another one? That’s the unique, exhilarating experience you get to partake in when you visit border cities. So we’ve hand-picked 5 of these gorgeous border cities you absolutely must visit at some point in your life!


Melilla, Spain/Morocco Border

image from media-cdn.tripadvisor.comAs if stepping foot in two different countries wasn’t cool enough, by going to Melilla, Spain, you’d actually be in the border of two continents. This gorgeous city, although technically a part of Spain, actually resides within the land of Morocco, which makes for an interesting contrast, as you explore the Spanish city away from Spain. If you’re a fan of fusion fare, you’re in luck, as much of the cuisine here is a beautiful mix of traditional Moroccan cuisine, as well as Spanish cuisine.  Check out this TripAdvisor page for things to do here, lodging, restaurants, and much more!


Manzhouli, China/Russia Border

image from upload.wikimedia.orgMany visitors of Manzhouli are mesmerized by the vast cultural dynamics that can be spread through less than 270 miles of land. Encompassing both Chinese and Russian culture, this Chinese border, although not a very huge tourist attraction, has some very interesting sights to bear witness to. One of which, includes the Russia Taowa Square. If you’re a fan of Russian architecture and the ever-famous Matryoshka dolls, it’s well-worth coming here to at least take pictures. For a full list of things to do, as well as lodging information, check out this TripAdvisor page.


Vientiane, Laos/Thailand Border

image from static.asiawebdirect.comBuddhist temples, gorgeous Southeast Asian, as well as French architecture, and a taste of Laotian and Thai cuisines are all abundant in this magnificent Laotian border city.  As an ancient city with much culture and history, including French colonial buildings, street markets, Buddhist temples, and noodle shops, there’s a lot to discover in Vientiane. One of the things you absolutely must add to your list is the Pha That Luang, an absolutely gorgeous Buddhist temple, famous in Laos. If you’re looking for additional things to check out, go to this TripAdvisor page.


Saarbrücken, Germany/France Border

image from upload.wikimedia.orgThe fun-loving spunk of the Germans, and the graceful romantic aura of the French makes this gorgeous city in the border of Germany the ideal place to visit while in Western Europe. Also, if you’re someone who can walk around and take pictures all day, you’ll also enjoy Saarbrücken, as this city consists of many of the most gorgeous churches, buildings, and other picturesque locations in the country. One of these iconic landmarks is the Ludwigskirche, a beautiful church in the area. For a full list of what to do here, go to this TripAdvisor page.


Posadas, Argentina/Paraguay Border

image from www.welcomeargentina.comThe old South American countryside is very prominent in Posadas, Argentina – a city encompassing the classic architecture of 1930’s port cities. Along with the architecture, make sure to enjoy the rich culture of Argentina, as there are plenty of historical buildings, including La Iglesia Catedral de Posadas, and the ever-famous Costanera, a beautiful place to bike, walk around, or simply enjoy the view with your friends and loved ones. If you’re looking for a view of the Paraguayan river as you dine in Argentina, check out La Ruedita, the #1 steakhouse in the area. For all things to do in the area, check out this TripAdvisor page.

Hopefully we’ve given you some fresh, new vacation ideas as you plan your future vacations, whether for the holiday season, or otherwise. Before you head out of the country though, think about insuring your trip, in case any emergencies occur!


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