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Guide to Beating the Flight Delay Blues Part 2: 5 Eateries You've Got to Try

Last week, we discussed some cool pieces of artwork that anyone could look for at some of the airports across the country. But hey, if you’re just not into art and would rather do something else, that’s completely okay! Some of you simply like to look for new things to snack or sip on when you’re bored. We totally agree that Wolfgang Puck and McDonald’s have probably got you all burned out by now. We’re pretty burned out, too. So that’s why we’ve compiled this list of eateries you must try at least once in your life if you’re ever stuck in a layover or have to suffer through a flight delay!

Amy's Ice Cream at Austin-Bergstorm International Airport

This ice cream shop is zany in the best way possible. With flavors like Waterloo Lavender Gin and Avocado, and hundreds of additional wacky flavors, you could be at the airport for the entire day and still not get a complete taste of all these unthinkable ice cream flavors. If you’re ever in the Austin-Bergstorm International Airport, give these guys a taste!

Amy's ice cream

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen at Dallas Fort-Worth Airport

Have you ever woken up one day and wondered what alligator tastes like? If you happen to be traveling through Dallas, TX this holiday season, you’re in luck! Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen features some of the highest quality Cajun seafood, including the crispy fried alligator with Creole dipping sauce. Not feeling too adventurous, though? That’s quite alright. You can still indulge in their creamy Pasta Mardi Gras or Shrimp Etoufee. This is a restaurant you’ll never forget!

Pappadeaux seafood

Bee Fruity & Nutty at Various Airports

This is one of my all-time favorites. Now, unlike some of the other eateries you may encounter at the airport, this particular one is a tiny little retail kiosk which can be easily missed when you’re in a hurry. But undoubtedly, if you’re enduring a layover, this shouldn’t be the case. So the next time you’re strolling through the airport, definitely stop here if you’re a fan of fruit and nut. They have some of the yummiest glazed pecans I’ve, personally, ever had. And you can pretty much find every type of dried fruit known to mankind. Even dried starfruit. Don’t miss out!

Bee Fruity and Nutty

Nature's Table at Various Airports

If you just know that the entire holiday season is going to entail you feasting on colossal portions of food, and gaining some weight, and you sure don’t want to overindulge at the airport just because you’re bored, have no fear! Nature’s Table is the hub for fresh, organic, and healthy food, so you can still enjoy delicious food without feeling like you’ve overdone it. The specialty here is the protein bowls. With a wide variety of flavor combos to choose from, eat to your heart’s content without feeling guilty.

Nature's Table

Vino Volo at Various Airports

Okay, this may not be an eatery per-se, but let’s be honest with ourselves. One of the best parts of flying is being able to experiment with the countless alcoholic beverages both in-flight and at the airport. Be it your chardonnays or your sherry wines, it’s a great feeling being able to indulge and not have to worry about driving anywhere. For all our wine lovers, Vino Volo is a great place for wine tasting and experimentation. So after your nice dinner, go cleanse your palate with a sampling of some of the finest wines as you wait for your departure!


We hope this has given you a starting off point for expanding your palate and trying out new foods as you put your layover to good use. These are just a few suggestions, so we encourage you try to out other airport restaurants that catch your eye and definitely share them with us!

Next week, we will be concluding the flight delays blues series, as we discuss one last major feature of airports – places to pamper yourself and relax as you unwind from a busy work week and enjoy the holidays. Stay tuned!



I’m all about discovering the lounges and comparing them to others around the world. If I have enough time, I’ll visit multiple ones in the same airport just to see if they have different food and drinks.

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