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Ahhh, the holidays are right around the corner! Thanksgiving is coming up before you even know it, and we’re sure many of you have a great bundle of laughs, presents, and sheer joy to look forward to this December. Some of you are spending the holidays visiting extended family you haven’t seen in some time, while others are venturing out to warm, sandy beaches, ready to escape the chilly weather for a week. But before you can embrace all your relatives or enjoy that piña colada under the warm tropical sun with your loved ones, there may be one large hump to overcome.  

Thats right – flight delays and layovers at the airport.

None of us like them, but sometimes we must get through them before we can enjoy our time with friends and family. But, guess what – airports can actually be some of the most interesting places you’ve ever visited! In fact, one special thing about them is that they are a hub for unique and gorgeous pieces of artwork. Of course, when you’re in a rush you might not a get a chance to examine them. But if you’re facing a layover, what’s to stop you? If you’re a fan of art, or simply bored and looking for something to do, here are some of the most famous pieces of airport artwork that you just have to get up and admire during your never-ending layover!

"The Wish" at Dallas Fort-Worth Airport

The Wish

Constructed over 10 years ago, this giant, 20-foot tall wishbone sculpture is an iconic trademark of the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. Travelers are known for rubbing the wishbone as a gesture for good luck. It is said that since this sculpture was installed, the airport has really grown and prospered. So, if you’re needing some luck and are stopping at a layover in Dallas, take a trip to “The Wish” and make one! 



"A Walk on the Beach" at Miami International Airport 

A Walk on the Beach

Is this a floor or an intricate mosaic? It’s okay if you can’t decide; we’re not sure either. Created by Michele Oka Doner, this
beautiful masterpiece is a half-mile walkway of terrazzo tile entrenched with mother of pearl, cast bronze fish, shells and other elements. It would take you well over four hours to study each of the gorgeous, sophisticated details of this walkway, and when you have to get up for your boarding call, you’ll be wishing you could come back! 



Chesapeake Bay Mosaic at Washington National Airport

Chesapeake Bay

Created in 1997 by Joyce Kozloff, this mosaic features a geographic layout of the Chesapeake Bay over four centuries – using only miniature tiles to form the different regions. Fascinating, right? You could spend hours examining how the Chesapeake Bay has changed over the years, and you wouldn’t even notice the hours fly by. And who knows – you might even want to make that your next vacation spot!



"Sky's the Limit" Chicago O'Hare Airport

Sky's the limit

If any of us remember traveling through Concourse B and C at Chicago O’Hare Airport, we owe it all to this vibrant light installation which was put in place by Michael Hayden in 1987. Aimed at keeping travelers entertained during their long trek through the concourses, this flashing neon light installation plays music and illuminates the entire terminal as you travel through the rainbows. If you’re stuck in Chicago this holiday season, take a trip down to Terminal 1 and enjoy this beautiful light show!



"Slalom" at Mitchell International Airport


It looks almost unreal, doesn’t it? It’s like some sort of computer-generated design that’s being presented through a projector. But in fact, the ribbon pattern has been generated entirely with small, thin aluminum and Lexan plates. Tim Prentice, kinetic sculptor and the man who created this masterpiece, chose these materials in particular because of their ability to hold and reflect light. If you’re stopping in the Milwaukee area at some point during your travels this holiday season, you will be able to locate this optical illusion-esque art installation near the baggage claim area.


Hopefully, you’ll find many other worthwhile ways to kill time during your layover! If you skimmed through this and realized you’re not an art person who would be interested in gaping at pieces of art work, no worries – we’ve got something for you, as well! Next week, we’ll be delving into some fun and unique eateries you must visit while at an airport. Until next time!


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