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Guide to Beating the Flight Delay Blues Part 3: 4 Places to Unwind and Relax!  image from www.xpresspa.com

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been going over some fun and unique ways many of you can kill time while you’re waiting at the airport, either due to a long layover, or a delay! For art lovers, we showed you some cool exhibits you can find at airports, and for the foodies, we’ve gone over some unique eateries to test out, as well.

But maybe neither of these options strike your fancy. In fact, some of you may be too worn out to walk around all over the airport looking for eateries and art exhibits.

All you really want to do is unwind and de-stress as you prepare for this amazing week away from work, office deadlines, and (most) responsibilities. So take a deep breath and relax! Stop stressing over your delayed flight or your 5-hour long layover. Instead, check out these amazing in-airport spas and salons, and pamper yourself with luxury treatment that is probably long overdue.


XpresSpa (In various airports)

Even if you only have 20 minutes to spare before your flight, you can melt your hectic weeks of pre-holiday stress away with a mini Swedish massage. XpresSpas are located in many of the major international airports all over the country. So this holiday season, don’t stress over a layover. De-stress over a hot cup of green tea and a wonderful foot massage!


Massage Bar (In various airports)

Maybe you’re not ready to let go of all your inhibitions and indulge in a full-on massage. That’s okay. Massage Bar features seated chairs where you can receive quick, on-the-go massages without having to drop everything. And if you’re simply looking for some products to bring on the plane with you, Massage Bar also has a large retail presence of luxury massage oils and other products that will definitely be of great use to you after your skin has been shriveling away on the plane for multiple hours.


Be Relax Spa at John F. Kennedy International Airport

If the entire atmosphere of this spa doesn’t scream tranquil and serene, then we really don’t know what will. Be Relax is a spa exclusively at JFK International Airport. If you haven’t had time to get a haircut, now would be a perfect time to do it. Or if you want to get fancy, you can always buy a session of oxygen aromatherapy as you energize your body in time for your flight out of New York!


dParture Spa at Newark International Airport

If you’re looking for a spa that believes in environmentalism and uses all-natural and herbal products, definitely check out dParture Spa at the Newark International Airport. The menu features some special massage treatments that are influenced by alternative Chinese medicine. One customer-favorite treatment is the pressure point-focused Scalp and Eye Massage that helps relieve sinuses. There is also an Altitude Protection Facial that hydrates and protects skin from air-pressure changes and the half-hour Fly Away Mini Facial, so you can finally come out of your flight looking fresh and energized!


We hope we gave you all plenty of fun things to explore while you’re at the airport. Remember – layovers are only dreadful if you make them dreadful. Think outside the box during this holiday trip and do some exploring of your own to make layovers a little less blue. Let us know if you find any interesting artwork, restaurants, or other places to visit at your airport. We’d love to hear about it!


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