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Health Insurance for Visitors to the USA

3 Things to Consider Before Purchasing U.S. Visitor Health Insurance

By Chaitanya Bala

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Choosing the right health insurance for visitors to the USA can be a very tricky process. After all, the United States has one of the most complex healthcare systems around, which means that not getting travel insurance isn’t a wise option. Sure, when traveling to other countries (especially second world countries where having travel medical insurance is likely pricier than just getting treated at a local medical facility) it might seem that travel medical insurance is something you can easily omit. Although travel insurance is always a safe bet anywhere you go, we can agree that in some areas of the world, it’s not as risky to be uninsured.

But…the United States is a different ball game.

Coming to the United States as a visitor without travel medical insurance can be pretty chancy. It can be like riding a Harley without a helmet, driving a car without a seatbelt, and well…you get the picture. The point is, U.S. visitor health insurance is a pretty smart investment to make when you come here to visit for a short, or even extended period of time. With the high costs of medical treatment in this country, a simple visit to the doctor’s office without travel medical insurance can be detrimental to your finances. Now that we’ve covered why visitor’s travel medical insurance is critical when coming to the United States, one question still remains…

What’s the right visitor’s travel medical insurance for you?

There are quite a few factors that visitors can take into consideration here as they select the right travel insurance plan for them. Let’s go through each of these!


Age is a very important factor when considering health insurance as a visitor to the USA. Often times, what you may notice is that travel medical insurance plans can vary in their price and benefits offered based on the age range of the policyholder.

For example, when comparing quote prices for inbound travelers for ages 20 and 80 respectively on visitorscoverage.com, we saw a huge distinction in premium prices for the exact same policy. A particular fellow insurance carrier quoted that a 20-year-old’s monthly premium would’ve been around $16/month, while an 80-year-old’s monthly premium cost was $211/month. Also, once the individual looking to buy an insurance policy hits the age of 80, it becomes increasingly more difficult to find an insurance carrier that will sell them an insurance policy.

As such, if you are a traveler who is considered a senior citizen, it’s more important for you to be constantly comparing prices and looking for the best deal. Visitorscoverage.com is a great place for you to compare prices and benefits that different insurance carriers can offer you based on your age.

Pre-Existing Conditions

One thing that can often catch people off guard is the fact that in the United States, pre-existing conditions are generally not covered by most insurance policies. What does this mean? So, let’s say you already have a heart condition prior to coming to the United States. You’ve had a heart attack in your home country, and you’ve been diagnosed with a heart condition long before you even booked your flight to the United States. However, you come to the United States and a few weeks later, have a heart attack. And guess what – your insurance isn’t covering you!


That’s exactly what happened when my grandmother came to the United States back in ’92 when I was born. She got international medical insurance before coming here, but due to the fact that she already had a heart condition and suffered a heart attack while here, she didn’t get coverage for her surgery. With a new baby to take care of and this fat hospital bill to pay off, my dad really went into debt for a while.

However, the good news is that more efforts are being made to protect these individuals from being denied insurance coverage based on their pre-existing condition status. If this is a concern for you, you might want to take a look at this informative blog to get some more information on this topic, as well as some travel medical insurance plans that won’t deny a pre-existing coverage-related claim when you come to the United States!

Length of Stay

Your length of stay while visiting the United States can greatly impact what type of insurance is best for you. For example – most times, visitor’s travel insurance is only covered from 5 days to a calendar year of being in the United States. If you are only coming for a couple days, you might not be eligible for many common inbound travel medical insurance policies. If this sounds like you, there are websites, like the following that may help you comb through the different insurance policies available to you and find one that offers your insurance, despite your very short stay.

On the other hand, if you’re staying in a country for more than a calendar year as a visitor, it might be wiser to look at other inbound insurance plans; not just visitor insurance plans.

For example, many scholars visiting the United States for an extended period of time, despite not being international students, may choose to come to the United States on a student plan. Contrarily, you could always renew your insurance policy if you’re staying for more than a calendar year.

In any event, whether you choose Visit-USA HealthCare Visitors Insurance, or another plan which fits your needs better, it’s extremely important to consider these factors, among others to help you choose a plan that is right for you and will really be beneficial in the event that you need medical assistance during your visit to the United States. Good luck, and we hope you enjoy your stay here!



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