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2017 Travel Insurance Conferences

3 Must-Attend Travel Insurance Conferences in 2017!

image from hagede.hrInsurance conferences have a way of sneaking up on us. Given they’re not very heavily publicized as, say, bodybuilding or entertainment conventions, it’s very easy for them to fall off our radar. After all, going to a weekend-long event to discuss and listen to keynote speakers chatting about travel insurance doesn’t tickle most people’s fancy.

However, there are a plethora of reasons you may have a desire or need to attend a travel insurance conference. Maybe you’re a travel blogger that’s looking to gain more insight into the world of travel insurance and how it works so you can give your readers the appropriate tips on how to go about purchasing a policy. Or perhaps you’re a travel agent or independent travel insurance broker who’s looking to figure out the best strategies on integrating travel insurance into your services. Whatever your need may be, we’ve carved out 5 special travel insurance conferences to look out for this year!


The International Travel & Health
(Austin, TX – February 25-28)

If you’re looking for a crash course in travel and/or health insurance and looking for insight into the future of the industry as a whole, ITIC Americas will be a great conference for you to attend.

The purpose of this conference, as per the website’s description, is to provide an environment in which professionals interested in the travel and health insurance industry can discuss topics of interest as well as network with other professionals in the same field. Conversations will likely be around the international travel and health insurance community operating within North, South & Central America, Canada, and the Caribbean, with an agenda designed by the ITIC advisory committee to tackle key issues that are affecting these markets. ITIC will also be bringing together a diverse group of speakers to share their unique insights and inspire discussions that will shape the future of these industries.


US Travel Insurance Association 2017 Annual Conference
(Naples, FL – March 19-22)

Perhaps you’re already a fairly seasoned individual in the travel insurance industry. You’ve been in the travel insurance industry for quite some time, have a fairly good idea about what’s going on with regards to travel insurance in different marketplaces around the world and trends to expect, and at this point, you’re not necessarily looking to learn about travel insurance itself, but rather, how to market it properly. If this sounds like you, the USIA conference is the right choice for you!

With multiple keynote presentations centered on effective marketing in the insurance industry, including best social media and advertising practices, as well as effective engagement marketing, the central theme of this year’s travel insurance conference is marketing in the digital world for the insurance industry. Also, if your life motto has always been ‘work hard, play hard’ there is plenty of entertainment at this travel insurance conference as well. From lounging at the beach, to golfing to drinking and dancing all night long, you get the best of both worlds here!


2017 THiA (Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada) Annual Conference
(Las Vegas, NV – April 30-May 3)

A special treat for those that are involved in the Canadian travel industry. Whether you’re a tour operator that offers packaged tours in different part of Canada, such Niagara Falls, Toronto, Vancouver, etc., or you’re a travel agent who is trying to understand the Canadian travel industry and the concept of travel health insurance better, this is the ultimate travel insurance conference for you.

Throughout this travel insurance conference, you will be able to get the inside scoop on a variety of topics, from how the Zika virus is affecting the travel industry, to recent research insights on the Canadian travel health insurance outlook for the future. Given that the venue of this conference is the majestic Las Vegas, you can also expect quite a few fun activities during the evening, including gambling and golf!


To all professionals in the travel insurance industry, whether you serve customers or other businesses, we hope these travel insurance insurance conferences will be of use to you in the coming months! As always, good luck and don’t hesitate to reach out to us!



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