Increasing Your Revenue Through Travel Insurance Sales
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Travel Insurance Marketing Checklist


You see the value of offering travel protection plans to your clients: not only do they increase your value to customers as a one-stop travel service provider, but selling these plans also adds to your revenue as a business. The question is, how can you maximize the opportunity for your business in selling travel protection plans? Good marketing strategies are key to ensuring a healthy travel insurance participation rate – or take up rate – among your clientele.

  • Advertise the travel protection plan when promoting your trips. If customers know about the plan before booking, they’re more likely to sign up.
  • Distribute a flyer promoting the travel protection plan immediately after a customer books a trip. This can be sent by regular mail or email, and may be sent on its own or as an accompaniment to other materials you send post-booking. Mention that there are early purchase advantages by purchasing within x# days from the deposit date.
  • In your booking confirmation email or letter, mention the availability of a travel protection plan and why you recommend it. You are the trusted travel supplier, so your customers will be looking to you for advice and suggestions.
  • Share on your social media accounts that you offer travel protection plans, and explain what they are and why they’re important.
  • Don’t assume that your customers understand travel protection plans or all the benefits that are included. Take a moment to point out the featured benefits in the policy: trip cancellation and interruption, baggage loss, emergency medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, emergency and standard travel assistance (an oft-undervalued benefit that can be very useful in a variety of situations!).
  • Make it easy and convenient for your customer. Explain in simple terms how they can immediately and quickly enroll in a travel protection plan.
  • Explain the benefits of enrolling early. Most travel protection plans have Early Purchase Advantages, or benefits available only for those who enroll within a specified timeframe of booking their trip (often within 14, 21 or 30 days, depending on the plan). These benefits can be extremely valuable add-ons to the customer, and also provide that extra push to secure the travel protection plan enrollment right away when they’re most likely to act.
  • Send a Travel Insurance Response Form asking the traveler if they purchased the insurance, and if so, through what company. If they have not purchased insurance at all have them sign a waiver indicating that they declined to purchase the insurance
  • Prior to a trip departure send travelers a reminder to purchase travel insurance. Travel Insurance Services can provide you with departure reports that show which travelers have purchased the insurance through our plan.
  • If you send pre-departure materials, remind the travelers to have their emergency assistance contact information with them, regardless of who they purchased the insurance through. This is a valuable service and also serves as a reminder to have this important information with them, or to purchase insurance if they have not already.
  • Need help with any of the above? Ask your travel protection plan provider and they should be able to answer any questions, assist with promotional ideas and copy, and even develop marketing materials.


Get Started Today

Interested in adding to your bottom line by selling our travel insurance products? Please contact us to inquire or discuss your options!

If you’re a tour operator or other travel company looking to sell travel insurance to your clients, please contact:

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For general questions about our products, contact Travel Insurance Services Customer Service:

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