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Visiting the USA? Make sure you have health insurance

Choosing the right health insurance for visitors to the USA can be a challenging process. The United States has arguably one of the most complex healthcare systems in the world, which means that skipping travel health insurance could put a traveler at risk. 

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, for a short visit or an extended stay, U.S. visitor health insurance is a smart investment to make. With the potentially high costs of medical treatment, a simple visit to the doctor’s office without coverage could ruin your travel budget and put a big dent in your savings. Speaking of cost, you’re probably wondering: What does travel health insurance cost for visitors to the U.S.? The cost may be determined by several factors, which we explain below.


As with most other types of insurance coverage, age is among the most basic factors when considering health insurance as a visitor to the USA. Often, travel medical insurance plans can vary in both price and available benefits based on the age range of the policyholder. The older the traveler, the more expensive the plan will be.


Pre-Existing Conditions

One factor that may surprise insurance applicants is that, in the United States, pre-existing conditions are generally not covered by most insurance policies. What does this mean? Insureds who have an existing diagnosed or treated health condition, such as asthma or high blood pressure, prior to the effective date of their coverage and who need medical assistance for their condition while on travel will not be covered for that condition. This aspect of insurance plans can be confusing, so talk to a benefit advisor to see what kind of coverage makes the most sense for your individual situation.

Length of Stay

Travel medical insurance makes sense for travelers visiting the U.S. for any amount of time. However, your length of stay can impact what type of coverage is best for you. For example, a typical visitor’s travel insurance is valid from five days to one full calendar year from the beginning of their trip to the United States. Travelers coming for a shorter amount of time, from one to four days, may not be eligible for many common inbound travel medical insurance policies.

On the other hand, if staying in a country for more than a calendar year as a visitor, consider other inbound insurance plans in addition to just visitor insurance plans. Scholars from another country visiting in the U.S. for extended periods of time, whether as international students or not, are great examples of people who would require more extended coverage. In this case, a student health insurance solution would allow the insured to have renewable coverage while they are studying in the U.S., up to four years.

Want to learn more about travel medical insurance or ready to get a quote for your next visit to the U.S.? Travel Insurance Services offers coverages to fit your needs, including Visit-USA HealthCare Visitors Insurance and Study USA-Healthcare. Visit Travel Insurance Services online here or call 1-800-937-1387.



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