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Check Your Holiday Travel List (Twice)!


The holiday season is upon us and people around the country are preparing for their last big travel excursion for the year. With that in mind, we hope that you will take a moment to review this Holiday Travel Checklist (and check it twice) before you embark. Plus, we have a travel tip that can help save travelers thousands of dollars in expenses should an unpredictable and plan-altering situation arise prior to departure or during the trip.

  • Check the Weather. Unfortunately, the weather can be unpredictable. Inclement weather can lead to a delay or even cancellation of your trip. Be sure to check the weather in your departing location as well as your destination in order to get ahead of changing your travel plans if need be. Also, inclement weather is a covered event under most Trip Cancellation policies - helping to save your financial investment in your trip.
  • Check Your Travel Plans. Always be sure to check your flight status as the weather isn’t the only reason plans can be derailed. For instance, a strike affecting service by your airline or other carrier can lead to delays. Staying on top of your carrier’s status will help you to make informed decisions about your travel (like calling your travel insurance provider!).
  • Check-in with Work. Putting in an early request in for time off gives your office the ability to plan around your time and increases your chances of having the request approved. You will also be able to plan your work projects accordingly so travel does not interfere with project progress or a deadline. However, sometimes work or other obligations (i.e. jury duty) can pop up right before you are due to depart, derailing your plans. (Yes, many travel insurance plans offer coverage for that too!)
  • Check Your (and Your Family’s) Health. The injury, sickness (or death) of you, a family member, or traveling companion before departure is certainly cause for a trip cancellation. Unfortunately, this is often something that occurs at the worst of times - like right before a trip- and is not predictable. Be sure to do what you can to keep your family/traveling companions healthy before the big travel day, but also have a plan in place in case such an injury/illness occurs (like a trip cancellation policy… seeing a pattern here?).
  • Check Your Luggage. Did you remember to pack your tickets? I.D.? Warm clothes? Just like Santa, be sure to make your list and check it twice. Actually creating a list can help you to remember all of the important things you will need with you - from warm socks to plane tickets. Oh, and don’t forget to pack your travel insurance!

The right travel insurance plan can offer coverage to help protect your financial investment in those big holiday (or anytime) travel plans. Visit to view our travel protection products and get a free quote. You can also call Travel Insurance Services customer service Monday through Friday, 9 am – 7 pm EST to get your questions answered, find the right plan for your needs or enroll by phone: (800) 937-1387.


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