5 Reasons You Need a Travel Protection Plan
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Benefits of Travel Insurance for Domestic Travel

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As the world starts to gradually re-open, you may be anxious for new surroundings. With a lot of uncertainty and restrictions around airplane travel, regional and domestic trips are expected to see a jump this year. As you plan your next trip, whether it involves car, plane, train or bus, whether it will take you across the state or across the world, consider the many benefits of travel insurance.

Besides the peace of mind afforded by travel insurance, it’s a smart economic investment to help protect your wallet. The cost of a travel insurance plan varies based on your age, the cost of your trip and which plan you select, but any plan cost is much less than the potential cost of a disruption to your travel plans, whether it’s a cancellation due to illness, a delay due to horrible weather, or a medical emergency away from home.

Say you have booked a vacation rental home at the beach or in the mountains. Should something go wrong and you have to unexpectedly cancel or cut your trip short, a travel insurance plan may cover your lost expenses. Or maybe you are taking a road trip to the next state and you become ill or injured while away from home. Travel insurance may cover medical expenses not covered by your regular health insurance plan.

And if it’s total security and flexibility you seek? Upgrade your plan with the Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) option. This upgrade allows you to cancel your plan for literally any reason at all, including reasons not normally covered by the plan. In the wake of the pandemic, many other travel insurance plans have stopped offering this sought-after upgrade, but we’re happy that we can still provide the option to our travelers. Just be sure to buy your travel insurance plan early – there are time-sensitive benefits, including CFAR, that are not available if you don’t book soon after your trip deposit.

The best news? Travel Insurance Services already has two plans available for you to use, each with three plan levels: Travel Insurance Select and Trip Care Complete. Each has different benefits, limits and plan pricing to fit every need. 

As always, read the plan documents carefully to fully understand your coverage. If you have any questions or need help picking the best plan for you, email [email protected] or call 1-800-937-1387.


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