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Travel Insurance That May Cover You if Covid-19 Disrupts Your Plans

Introducing Enhanced Travel Delay Benefits to Meet New Travel Requirements

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As the world settles into a pandemic that won’t quickly disappear, many people are becoming comfortable with traveling again, feeling more confident in the measures that can be taken to minimize personal exposure and risk. As travelers research new country and destination requirements that have arisen because of the pandemic, many learn that they need to have a certain minimum level of travel insurance to enter their destination.

In particular, Costa Rica, Bhutan and many countries in the Caribbean and Latin America have put in place some travel and health requirements.* For instance, many countries require proof of insurance covering medical expenses in case a traveler becomes ill with Covid-19 while in the country. Additionally, these destinations may require Travel Delay insurance coverage of at least $2,000 to cover extended lodging in the event the traveler is diagnosed with Covid-19 and cannot return to their home country on time.

We’re pleased to share we have several plans that meet the health and travel requirements for our customers. When these new requirements were rolled out, we were able to quickly work with our carrier partners and adjust the Travel Delay benefit to fully cover our travelers. All our plans already meet the medical expense coverage requirements.

Travel insurance plans can be hard to understand, and there are many plans on the market that won’t meet the requirements for your trip. For assistance choosing the best plan for your needs, contact our friendly customer service team. Our licensed agents can answer your questions and help you understand your options so you feel confident in your travel protection. Call us at 1 (800) 937-1387 or email [email protected] to learn more, get a quote and buy when you are ready! If you want to research plans yourself, visit our website today!

*To learn the specific health and travel requirements for your destination country, visit the CDC website, the U.S. State Department website or the tourism website of your destination. The destination tourism website is where you can likely find the most up-to-date COVID testing, health and travel insurance requirements for entry.


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