Holiday Travel Hacks: How to Plan Stress-free Travel for the Holidays
Tips Before Your Trip

Skip The Stress of Holiday Traveling: Get Travel Insurance This Season


Reshared with permission by the U.S. Travel Insurance Association (UStiA)

With high prices, long lines, and cancellations, traveling for the holidays can be stressful for many. Check peace of mind off your holiday checklist by purchasing travel insurance to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances as you visit friends and family this season. 

“The 2022 holiday season is projected to be one of the busiest for travel since the pandemic,” said Susan Silfen, UStiA president. “A comprehensive travel insurance plan can assist stranded travelers when congested airports, oversold flights, or winter storms disrupt their travel plans.”

Here a few examples of how travel protection plans can save the day this holiday season:


If you or a direct family member becomes ill before or during your travels forcing you to have to cancel or end your trip early, travel protection plans can help reimburse you. Travel insurance will also help cover any remaining medical costs not covered by your health insurance if an accident or illness requiring medical attention occurs during your trip. 

Weather Cancellations and Lost Luggage

Airlines are not required by law to provide you with accommodations if your flight is canceled due to weather conditions. Avoid the extra stress of scrambling to make last minute arrangements. With the right travel protection plan you can have access to 24-hour assistance, trip delay coverage that can help you find a hotel room, reimbursement up to a set amount for expenses while delayed and help rescheduling or rebooking your flight.

Home Disasters 

Protect yourself against natural disasters while on vacation. Some travel protection plans will reimburse you if you must cancel a trip or return home early because your home is uninhabitable due to a catastrophe such as fire or flooding.

If your destination becomes uninhabitable, or a natural disaster--such as a hurricane--prevents you from reaching your destination or causes prepaid tours to be canceled, a travel protection plan can help you recover non-reimbursable expenses. Travel protection plans can also aid you if you’re injured in a natural disaster while traveling, provide 24-hour assistance and can help coordinate emergency medical care. 

Other Emergencies

When your traveling experience takes an unexpected turn, you can always be prepared with assistance services available as part of your travel protection plan. Through the included assistance services, you can get help with a lost passport, general travel advice, and getting messages to family members in case of an emergency. There are even special travel protection plans that cover situations such as canceling a trip for work-related reasons or even canceling for any reason. Whatever protection you need, there is a plan for you.

Travelers should:

  • Review Policy. Before leaving for your trip be sure to review your policy and understand exactly what it covers. Always carry your policy number and the 24-hour travel assistance hotline number with you during your trip.
  • Keep all records. Receipts from travel arrangements, such as airline flights or hotel accommodations, are required when filing your insurance claim.
  • Obtain medical proof. If you become ill before or during a trip you will need a doctor’s statement claiming that you were not fit to travel or medical records to substantiate your claim. 

Visit to learn more about your plan options, or call (800) 937-1387 and let one of our non-commissioned agents assist you with selecting a plan and getting a quote.


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